Providing inclusive support to all people of color allows for national leaders to be held accountable-

  • Expanding the voices of the voters who are unheard

  • providing an opportunity for candidates to not feel pressured by financial strains

  • Ensuring that there is Black + Brown leadership to support people of color in every community.

Staying connected + engaged for the culture (Leadership + Community = Solutions)

  • Supporting candidates by formulating their platforms post-election. whether they win or lose their campaign, our hope is for continued leadership within their communities and on issues that elevate the Black + Brown community.

  • Building a network pf political organizations, political strategists community leaders, and key stakeholders to be reflective of the community.

  • Provide reliable and relevant resources to candidates and the community.

Maximizing voter engagement

  • Developing creative strategies for early voter engagement, so that GOTV (Get Out The Vote) efforts are more impactful in communities that have varied socioeconomic statues.

  • Researching the community and understanding the voter turnout

  • engaging with community organizations to meet voters where they are and to shift the narrative around voter engagement.


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