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E-Book Release: Balance your woes...A Guide for kinfolk still dreaming in a world of politics

Balance your woes: A guide for kinfolk still dreaming in a world of politics. This is a FREE E-Book that was developed to inspire and provide guidance in the beginning stages of a political race to black and brown leaders around the nation. 

Blame Trump

There’s a resurgence of political energy in the air. Gen X’s and Millenials of black and brown complexion are inhaling the majority of it. Skin folk from a myriad of backgrounds have swept election ballots in victory across the US. But what is the driving force behind skin folk running for office? Or rather, who?

Taking a look at the climate of America under the new administration, some would find it safe to say Trump is the reason behind Democrats rising up to take back majority government. In all the glory of this movement, constituents are left to question, is every candidate qualified to run?

Trump is to blame for setting the stage for all and any person to believe they can run for office, even when they are not qualified.

This booklet is to help prepare people considering running for office and supply them with the tools to do so.  


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