Who is Erica Hughes?

Erica Hughes.png

What is your general judicial philosophy?
Follow the Rule of Law

What is your vision for the future of our judicial system: What changes would you advocate and why?
Innocent until proven guilty: Bail Reform, Indigent Reform, Mental Illness Overhaul

Do judges have an obligation to improve public understanding of the courts? If so, how should they carry out that obligation?
Yes, create programs that teach individuals that are in the system to be truly rehabilitated and no longer apart of the system. Create programs that teach communities about the legal system and how to navigate through the system or never become apart fo the legal system.

What were the most important cases you had as a lawyer and why did you take the position you did in those cases?
Representing a second time accused offender that would have been in violation of his parole and convicted of a new crime. Everyone needs adequate representation no matter their past because they have a future.

Do you possess any expertise in a field other than law?
Yes, Military Justice

Who are your judicial role models? Why?
Judge Vanessa Gilmore

What are the pros and cons of going to the bench as compared to practicing law?
Pros: You get to serve your community and have a larger impact with rulings on the cases in your court.
Con: Unfortunately, you take a pay cut.

What has been your greatest accomplishment in your legal career? In your personal life?
Passing the Texas State Bar. Accepting christ, Jesus, as my Personal savior.

What advice would you give to people of color running for office (Locally or Nationally).
Be prepared for a long process and be ready to fight to the finish. Expect racism from the local and national party that you affiliate with.

If you could describe your campaign in one sentence what would you say?

Monti Hill