Toxic Masculinity Ruins The Party Again....

Toxic Masculinity.

Let's talk about it for moment. 

What the hell does it mean? And why has it become such a buzz word in our political space?

Toxic masculinity has been around for years. 

We just have not had always had shared language to articulate how childish some men behave.

According to Urban Dictionary, "toxic masculinity can be defined as the harmful and “socially-constructed attitudes that men are expected to be: violent, unemotional, sexually aggressive, etc.” Now, if you break that down some more. I want you to think about your current political structure in your hometown, community, district, or region. This behavior is often overlooked or approved in certain situations. 

“Toxic masculinity is about the dangerous actions society too often allows and dismisses because of what it “means” to “be a man” (The Good Men Project) . HuffPost contributor Ryan Douglass also explains how toxic masculinity is built on sexual conquest and violence, “qualities men regale as manly and virtuous.”

A prime example for instance is the Celebrity of the free world. Trump perfectly models toxic masculinity which can often be observed in his public interactions with his own wife (i.e. not acknowledging her). In St. Louis, we tolerate many of the same acts of toxic masculinity when we allow a lack of respect from certain men with titles towards our current #blackgirlmagical Treasurer of the City of St. Louis. Toxic masculinity also finds its way into too many workplaces and pervades the culture where men "mansplain" and intentionally exclude women despite their countless gifts, brilliance, and capacity to contribute/lead/transform.

Elections will be here before you know it. I hope to spark the beginning of a dialogue today.

WE have the power to flip districts, RESHAPE communities, and BUILD political power.  

We must examine and research our political leaders, their character, politics and policies, and we must no longer vote individuals into office who are egotistical, simply after political gain, promote nepotism, or engage in extortion (because that happens). Instead, we must elect dynamic leaders all across the U.S. who embody integrity and respect for all–including women. Our country deserves better.

Please, don't elect trash. Please, don't uplift toxically masculine men. 

Instead, be brave and encourage your friend, family member, or neighbor to think differently about the upcoming election cycle and vote with POWER + STRENGTH. 

Monti Hill